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Technical Plastic Industries LLC

Technical Plastic Industries LLCTechnical Plastic Industries L.L.C. (TIP) is a leading manufacturer of protective linings using polyethylene resins to provide an effective isolating barrier against concrete corrosion, all under the quality and design requirements of ISO 9001:2000; ISO 14001:2004; and OHSAS 18011:1999. Concrete, the world's most commonly used construction material, requires protection from aggressive media, whether it is used to construct a sewer pipe, a tunnel, a wall in sewerage installations or civil foundations in corrosive conditions.

In Sewer Systems, the culprit is hydrogen sulphide attack and in civil foundations, saline soils containing chlorides and sulphates are the main agents of breakdown through infiltration and crystallization.

Tip-GRIP linings protect concrete by isolating it in the log term from the insidious and continuous threat posed by these agents.

Tip-GRIP lining system is a continuous, extruded and homogeneous plastic sheet membrane of flexible Polyethylene that is especially compounded to provide maximum resistance against chemical attack.

The lining ix extruded with T-Ribs spaced 64 mm apart on one side of the sheet. The Tees anchor the lining into the concrete, thus making it integral to the structure. Whether it is a concrete pipe or wall; during construction the lining is attached to the forms and secured in place. The T-ribs are always in contact with the poured concrete which flows around them and is then vibrated to ensure a dense, void-free structure with the Tip-GRIP secured to its face.

The Tip-GRIP lining isolates and protects the concrete against most severe exposures whilst being unaffected by immersion in water or when subjected to high humidity. Furthermore, it exhibits excellent weathering and aging. TIP plastic linings remain flexible and extensible enough to withstand even abnormal movements in the concrete, so they easily bridge any cracks that occur.

Tip-GRIP linings ensure concrete protection for over 100 years.