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TIP range of products

  • Tip-GRIP lining for concrete structure, pipes, sewer, tunnels, manholes and other masonry work requiring protection.
  • Tip-PLAIN lining for manholes, landfill, water reservoirs and other applications where a membrane protection is specified. Tip-PLAIN linings could be produced in different forms, properties and colors to suit the intended use.

The current production program covers linings of thickness 1.0 to 4.0 mm, other thickness could be supplied upon demand.

Landfill Linings

Tip-PLAIN landfill Lining is used to prevent the escape of contaminants from landfilled waste into underlying soil. The quick and easy installation methods used for Tip-PLAIN landfill linings yield substantial cost and time savings.

Tip-GRIP Profiles

Tip-GRIP profile has been adopted due to the superior properties it can provide, especially for anchoring (Pull off Test), for conditioning damaged area in case of infiltration, since liquid will be streamlined between 2 Tip-GRIP and for its easy handling and even surfaces, unlike other systems.