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Our Values

The Bin Hafeez Group is now Hedley International Emirates Group (Hedley). This change reflects our heritage of quality and for providing solutions to client-partners while illustrating our growth and diversification.

Since 1978, Hedley has provided government and private sector client-partners solutions. The company and its management have endeavored to meet, and have achieved, international standards for our products, services, staff, and support infrastructure. Excellence is reflected in our values:

  1. Market Leadership: sustaining growth by assessing new investments, vertical integration, geographic expansion, and diversification of services
  2. Intelligent Solutions: understanding the client-partner’s unique needs in order to make appropriate recommendations
  3. Continuous Improvement: investing time and resources to identify and implement internal and external best practices for our:
  • Associates’ professional development
  • processes and technologies
  • systems and procedures
  • Superb Quality: meeting international standards thereby allowing our client-partners to use delivered products and/or services with confidence
  • Associates’ Welfare & Safety:ensuring employee wellbeing is foremost; it is a reflection of the work we do for our client-partners
  • Social Responsibility: maintaining the proper balance between financial stability, Associate satisfaction and security, and Blue-Green programs

Our values are our commitment to EXCELLENCE! Our values allow us to deliver on-schedule and to quality while meeting objectives and reducing our client-partners’ long-term costs.

As Hedley broadens its business interests, its ownership, management,and Associates are committed to the company’s values and heritage. Our values guide our corporate governance, ensuring we operate the highest legal and ethical standards in our policies and procedures to meet the needs of the community, and our client-partners, strategic partners, and Associates.



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