Handling, Storage and Transportation

EXCELLENT uPVC pipes are strong though light in weight being about one fifth the weight of steel or cast iron. In the factory uPVC Pipes are crated and strapped according to predefined lots. The pipe crates are then stored carefully in the yard. If the crate is opened at the site, these instructions should be followed for Storage, Handling and Transportation of pipes.

Storage & Handling

  1. Pipes shall be supported adequately at all times and shall be stacked on a flat surface free of sharp objects.
  2. Pipes shall be uniformly supported throughout the length. Alternatively timber supports of 3 inch wide shell be placed beneath the pipes with a spacing not greater than 1.5 meters.
  3. Pipe stack height shall be kept to a minimum to ensure that the bottom pipes do not deform, and the stack shall be provided with side supports at spacing not greater then 1 .5 meters.
  4. Socketed pipe's shell be stacked in layers with sockets placed at alternate ends of the stack, with the sockets protruding, to avoid deformation of sockets and to ensure even support for the pipe lengths.
  5. In UAE and other Gulf countries, the uPVC pipes shall not be stored for extended periods under direct sunlight to avoid ultraviolet degradation. Even if the pipes are sorted under cover, the stack heights shall be reduced to a minimum during high ambient temperature levels.
  6. Since the soundness of the joint depends on the condition of the spigot and socket, special care shall be taken at all times to avoid damage to these joints.


  1. When loading pipes onto vehicles, care shall be token to avoid impact and ensure, the vehicle board is free of any sharp objects such as nails, cope irons etc.
  2. Where mechanical handling is employed, metal slings, hooks or chains shall not come into aired contact with the pipe.
  3. While in transit, pipes shall be well secured and well supported over their entire length.
  4. Pipes may be off-loaded from vehicles by rolling them gently over timbers without causing any impact to the pipe.