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Strategic Partners

Ultra Construction & Engineering Company LTD

ULTRA is a proven leader in the construction industry. For nearly four decades, ULTRA has been well recognized as a leader in the construction and engineering of bridges, roads, subways, and tunnels in Korea. ULTRA possesses the largest number of TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines) and has the greatest work experience in tunneling.

Strategic Partner for Procurement of Pipe Systems for North Doha Sewerage Master Plan. Through our Strategic Alliance Agreement with ULTRA, we extend our relationship further for future business in the UAE & GCC Countries.

Gulf Pterochemical Services & Trading LLC

Gulf Petrochemical Services & Trading LLC is a leading 100% Omani owned Contracting and Trading Company with active participation in Oman’s Hydrocarbon, Petrochemical and Energy Sector industries since 1983.

GPS UAE is currently working on a large value infrastructure development contract.

Dubai Pipes Factory LLC

DUBAI PIPES FACTORY CO. LLC - Established in 2001 in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Pipes factory employs continuous filament winding (Flowtite) technology to manufacture a range of GRP pipes, tanks, manholes, fittings and accessories.

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