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Tip-GRIP Physical & Chemical Characteristics

Tip-GRIP polyethylene linings are manufactured from selected PE raw materials in order to ensure flexibility while achieving excellence physical and chemical proterties.

All Tip-GRIP lining can be easily cut and hot air welded due to their excellent thermoplastic properties.

Tip-GRIP Physical & Chemical Characteristics

  • Ideal protection for concrete against corrosive mediums in structures and transmission pipeline systems.
  • Suitable for lining potable water systems such as tanks and pipelines.
  • Perfect solution for storage tanks, treatment plants, industrial structures and utility networks.
  • Temperature resistance exceeding 60oC making the linings suitable for use in hot environment and heat generating systems.
  • Low coefficient of friction and high resistance to abrasion.
  • Excellent retention of flexibility throughout its lifetime and suits complex Shapes.
  • Resistance to fuels and other petroleum products.
  • Ultimate sealing property ensuring zero penetration of highly corrosive hydrogen sulphide gas, in sewerage concrete pipelines and structures.
  • Designed to withstand hydrostatic back pressure of 4 bar or ground water head of 40 meters.
  • Perfectly weldable at all times making it the optimal solution for an economic installation.
  • Overall chemical resistance agains acids, alkalis, salts,etc.

Other properties unique to Tip-GRIP polyethylene lining sheets

Compared to PVC, polyethylene is proved to be physically stronger and with higher chemical resistance against a broader range of exposure. Polyethylene provides unreachable isolation for concrete in the face of sewer streams confluent with petroleum waste products because of its resistance to petroleum and its derivatives. Tip-GRIP linings are the culmination of Tip accumulated expertise in manufacturing and innovative field service, making them the best solution to the problem of concrete protection.

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